Sisterhood of Suns

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The MARS Plague almost made Humanity extinct. The equation was a simple one; if you were male, you died.

And men did die---by the billions.

But women were immune to the Plague, and they ultimately saved themselves with alternative reproductive techniques and genetic engineering. In the process, they also changed the basic meaning of what it was to be ‘humin’.

1400 years have passed since that time, and the United Sisterhood of Suns is thriving. It enjoys the some of the most advanced technology and highest standard of living in the Far Arm. But the Sisterhood is constantly faced with threats--from its warlike neighbors the Hriss, and internal intrigue.

A trilogy, the first book “Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena” centers on the adventures of a veteran starship commander, a rogue psychic, a sinister agent of the State intelligence services, a young Marine avenging her devastated colony, and the first NeoMan to be posted to a combat unit.

Reader's Reviews of “Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena”:

"The best book I have read in years...

"A combination of Full Metal Jacket, On Basilisk Station, and a Bond movie, in a universe run entirely by women..." 

"Elegant and beautiful...and as contrastingly brutal in others as the world we know today...a good hard sci-fi read, and one novel that is hard to put down. You will be left wanting more at the end, at least so you can have more time with the amazingly real and distinct characters that inhabit this dystopian future..."

Available now at in hardbound and Kindle formats. Get your copy today and begin the adventure!

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