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Posted by martinschiller76 on November 29, 2012 at 4:25 PM

What is the title of your book?: “Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena” This is book 1 of a series. Book 2 is entitled “Sisterhood of Suns: Widow’s War” and Book 3, which is currently in production, will be called “Sisterhood of Suns: Daughters of Eve”


Where did the idea for the book come from? The idea for the Sisterhood universe came from a dream I had in 1978. I saw a group of spaceships, which I knew for war machines, and went inside the largest of them. There, I realized that the entire crew, and their whole society for that matter, was female. It was also where met Commander Lilith ben Jeni for the first time. I was very intrigued by the concept and worked on developing the story on and off for the next 34 years.


What genre does your book fall under? Military science fiction primarily, but with political intrigue and espionage/black operations closely interwoven within it.


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Self-published, although I am still soliciting agents and conventional publishing houses.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your book? 2 and a half years.


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your book? I'm a bit odd, as I don't really do a outline/rough draft/first draft/final draft progression. Each day, when I write, I begin by reviewing what I wrote the day before. This allows me to refresh my memory, get back into the feel of the story, and smooth over any flaws that I find (especially continuity errors). Then, as I write, I'm constantly going back and reading and editing what I just wrote. The downside is, it takes me longer to write the story (this one took about two months). The upside is, when I finish writing, I'm pretty well done editing.


Give a one sentence synopsis of your work: One thousand years after the MARS plague killed all human males, the Sisterhood of Suns is thriving, but beset with warlike neighbors and the re-introduction of men into their society.


What other works would you compare your story to? “The Forever War”, “Starship Troopers” with James Bond and Tom Clancy’s touches.


Who or What inspired you to write this book? The dream I mentioned, and a dramatic change in my life. After making several half-hearted attempts to put the story together, my wife of 14 years suddenly abandoned me, and the life I had known ended. Like one of my characters, Kaly n’Deena, I had nothing left, and in a sense I decided to do what she did. Kaly joined the Sisterhood Marines, and I joined the Sisterhood. I don’t regret signing up.


What else might pique the reader's interest? This isn’t just a sci-fi book, although it is set in the future. And it’s more than just about ‘amazon women on the moon.’ It’s really a story about people, and about us, in this society today. The things that make us great, and the things that are our shortcomings are all there. That, I think will make reading it just as entertaining as the space opera that surrounds it.


And, now an excerpt from Book 1:

“…Keeping to the shadows, the girl reached the outskirts of the Living Center an hour later. The first outbuildings seemed untouched, and her spirits were momentarily lifted, but as she walked along, she realized that all the Center buildings were dark. Hugging herself, she pressed on, trying to spot anything reassuring. Then she saw the fires.

What had been one of the dwelling complexes had been squashed flat like a kzizka bug under a giant’s heel, and flames roared from a deep pit in the center of the rubble. Further on, another dwelling unit seemed intact at first glance, but a regular pattern of blast marks scarred the entrance, and the automatic doors hung off of it at odd angles. Beyond this, the young trees that her Primary Class had planted just a few years earlier were burning, illuminating the Gathering Square with a sickening orange light. Piles of what looked like discarded clothing lay there, arranged in odd little clumps. Drawing closer to them, Kaly realized that they weren’t someone’s laundry left behind in a panic. They were bodies.

“Oh Goddess,” she whimpered, not wanting to go any further. But her legs seemed to have a will of their own and she found herself walking towards the Square, unable to stop herself. With nightmarish slowness, the details of the corpses became clearer with each leaden step. A girl of her own age lay face down on the grass, her arm missing from the elbow down. The orphaned limb lay nearby like a discarded part from a child’s doll.

Kaly suddenly felt like she’d drunk too much harvest wine. The scene took on an unreal, dreamlike quality as she realized that she recognized the dress that the girl on the ground was wearing. It was Maarta’s—she’d seen her working on it just a few days earlier in preparation for the Founder’s Dance. Its pattern was unmistakable.

Ayleen lay on her back nearby, her eyes wide open and staring up at the stars with an expression of surprise. A blackened hole gaped wide where her stomach should have been. Kaly stared down at the wound, unable to fully accept what she was seeing. Then the smell of burnt flesh reached her nostrils. She dropped to her knees and vomited until nothing would come up.

A familiar voice called out in a half whisper from somewhere behind her, “Kaly! Get over here now! They’re coming back!”

Kaly looked up and saw the ragged features of Anna n’Gwyn, one of her classmates in school. She was peeking out from behind a piece of broken wall. “Come on! They’ll kill us if they find us!”

Kaly ran, tripping over another corpse in the process. As she scrambled to regain her footing, the harsh staccato of an energy weapon being fired nearby sounded off in the darkness…”


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