Sisterhood of Suns

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“Unlike the wars of the 21st century and beyond, soldiering up to the 20th century was considered a man’s profession, except in the most desperate of times. And only when total annihilation threatened a nation state, would womyn be offered real equality; the ultimate freedom to live and die for their beliefs just like their male counterparts. Such opportunities were rare, and perhaps the sacrifices that these womyn ultimately made were all the more precious for that very reason.” 

---Lilith ben Jeni, "Sisterhood of Suns: Widow's War"

Women have participated in war ever since there has been war. And they have suffered and given their lives right along with their male counterparts. Unfortunately, their contributions have often been conveniently forgotten after the struggle ended. This section is dedicated to educating "Sisterhood" readers, and the greater general public, about the real 'womyn' of history--the 'hidden soldiers'.

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The Amazons: Fact and Fiction, Women Warriors in Antiquity, American Colonies and the Revolution, The American Civil War, The Indian Wars, The Mexican Revolution, World War 1World War 2:Soviet Union, World War 2: Nazi Germany, World War 2: England, France and the United States, Korea, Vietnam: United States, Vietnam: Communist Forces, The Gulf and Iraq War, Female Veteran's Resources and Organizations

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